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Starting a business?  Got a great idea?  Just jump in they say.  Go for it.  You need to fail to succeed.

Wrong.  The people in the world who succeed most often are the ones with the inside information up front.  We all love "the tripped over ourselves and came out on top" story.  It never works like that.  Our mainstream information landslide is infested with wild expectations of random success and quick excess.

We are constantly told to have all of our dreams come true.  Why don’t we start with three dreams and see how that goes?  We are all told to give 110%.  How about 70%?  How about becoming moderately successful?  Our narrow perception of succeeding consistently points to the top three billionaires, even though the seven hundredth richest person in the country is probably quite comfortable.

The goal?  I would like to save every reader five years of wasted time that will surely been squandered due to misconceptions and lack of information.  One well-placed suggestion can often redirect a commonly held belief and shorten the time to the reward by years if not decades.

This book aims to do just that.

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